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Loved by spa professionals and those who value provenance and performance, Villa Floriani formulas deliver performance skincare from organic plant extracts. Giving your skin the balance it needs to look and feel its natural best.

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Villa Floriani shares its home in Veneto, Northern Italy with the birthplace of phytocosmetology. Throughout history, healing herbs have flourished in the sun-drenched, mineral-rich hillside gardens here, and our family business has flourished with them.

Our heart is rooted in the ancient tradition of using plants therapeutically; our mind on the most precise means of delivering their active properties. The resulting formulas are plant-derived skincare at its most potent, placing us at the forefront of skincare excellence. 

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Our Obsession

Phytocosmetology is the science of identifying and extracting plants’ active substances. At Villa Floriani, we’re obsessive about it. We scour the globe for rare plant actives while staying one step ahead of the latest delivery systems in our labs. The result is a unique approach to treating specific skin issues through potent plant active combinations.

The Villa Floriani technique - PhytoCuractiveTM - ensures our formulas are the pinnacle of powerfully natural skincare, and the most effective treatments available to you.

Our Method

Your skin’s natural state maintained and renewed on a cellular level by a beautiful synergy: the active ingredients in our skincare are composed of the same elements that occur naturally in your skin.

Your skin concerns drive our research. We match healing plant actives and their combinations to specific skin needs. These harmonized plant extracts naturally penetrate skin, delivering immediate and long-lasting results.

Our formulas are tested for performance and feel by top beauty professionals, and in our lab for potency and effectiveness. You never have to sacrifice natural for performance with Villa Floriani.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to bringing you formulas that are:    Cruelty-free, plant-derived, composed using natural, bio-certified active ingredients

And never contains: Parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, DEAs, propylene and phthalates.

Our products gently address a range of skin concerns, allowing your skin to achieve beautiful, natural balance.