Biocompatible skincare

Balance underpins everything we do. We strive to find it in our products, between potent plant actives, and your skin.

All the while considering the natural balance of our beautiful planet. Working in partnership with our environment means, despite the demands of our modern existence, you never have to compromise between natural and powerful.

A connection with you

Having supplied leading estheticians and spas with high-performance treatments for decades, we have a strong connection with the issues facing the women using our products. This knowledge feeds our bespoke approach to developing formulas specifically for our clients and their lifestyles.

Uncompromising quality

The immediate and long-lasting results delivered by our formulas are ensured by a key factor: extraction of our plant-actives at peak purity and potency. We keep this process under one roof, so we can be exacting about what goes into each formula.

 We’re a uniquely small yet high-tech lab. This allows us exceptional quality over quantity and the opportunity to push the boundaries of our industry without compromising our values.