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A legacy of beauty as unique as your skin

Borrowing from nature to treat our skin is a tradition that goes back as far as records can tell us. And at Villa Floriani, using science to identify, extract and combine the very essence of nature’s offering is a pursuit extending through the generations of our family.

The start of something unique...

Villa Floriani’s story began over 30 years ago, when Italian skincare veterans Giulio Orso, Enzo Riva and Giuseppe Riva created OriginItalia, a unique facility producing plant-based cosmetic formulas for luxury brands worldwide. An Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon representative recognized the exceptional quality of the products, asked that a line of treatment-grade skincare be developed for their spas and the rest, as they say, is history.

Honoring our home

It seemed only right to name the line after the home of our facility and the source of so many active-rich plants used in the formulas. And so, Villa Floriani was born.

 Loved for years by spa professionals and users alike, Villa Floriani developed a reputation for producing plant-based therapies delivering results on par with chemical treatments, without the associated pitfalls.

The future

With the next generation at the helm, our cutting-edge approach continues to develop, but our core values remain. Our family philosophy of respecting the natural balance has never been more relevant. We see that women today are more conscious of the human relationship to nature, expecting professional results without compromising natural wellbeing.

At Villa Floriani, we are honored to offer the natural solution.

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