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For our most devoted customers, we have a unique loyalty program. Earn VF points every time you shop, which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. Investing in yourself isn’t the only way to benefit, share the Villa Floriani love with friends for even more credit.

Create an account now and instantly earn 100 points ($5) to use on a future purchase. 

Ways to earn points

For every $ spent online

For creating an account

birthday treat

following on instagram

liking page on facebook

sharing on social media platforms

Ways to spend points

Choose how many points you want to spend

redeem a unique $5 coupon code to use whenever

redeem a unique $10 coupon code to use whenever



Treat a friend to 15% off across all our skincare. When they purchase, you’ll be automatically credited with 300VF points - worth $15.

Introduce friends & family

YOU GET 300 points ($15 off discount), YOUR FRIEND GETS 15% off discount coupon.

Here at Villa Floriani, we firmly believe that sharing is caring. So now you’ve discovered our plant-powered products, it’s time to get social.

Simply login to your Villa Floriani account (create one here) and your referral link will be clearly visible within the VIP Rewards dashboard. Simply copy and forward to your friends or use the 'one click' social icons. The link gives your friend immediate access to the reward listed above. Your reward becomes available as soon as they make a purchase.

Rewards FAQs

  1. Does it cost anything to join? It's completely free and you even can earn up to $10 before your first purchase simply by signing up and spreading the love on social media. 
  2. How can I earn VF points? Earning is simple and easy! You'll automatically earn 1VF point for every dollar spent. Plus, rewards members can earn bonus points for following and sharing on social media, submitting product reviews on our website, and more.
  3. How do I spend my points? Spending is really quick and simple. Simply log into your rewards account, click on the "your rewards" launcher in the bottom left of you screen, and click on "see the rewards you can earn".
  4. How does the referral program work? For every friend you refer, they will get 15% off their first purchase and you will earn 300 points ($15)! win-win.
  5. Do my points expire? No, your hard-earned points are yours for as long as you hold an account with us.