The beauty behind Stella Alpina

The Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy inspire and astound, it is here that healing magic is found. Hardy active ingredients flourish at altitudes such as Stella Alpina (Edelweiss). This plant has the excellent ability to protect itself from harmful UV radiation, whilst also containing antimicrobial properties that can help to protect your skin from infections. 

1. Antioxidant

Stella Alpina extract comprises of an active ingredient known as leontopodic acid. This chemical compound is responsible for the powerful antioxidant effect of Stella Alpina on your skin. Since antioxidants play a significant role in the well-being of your skin because they eliminate free radicals which can damage your skin and cause premature aging or wrinkles. Stella Alpina is an antioxidant superhero! 

2. Anti-Bacterial 

The Stella Alpina extract can guard your skin against harmful strains of bacteria that can lead to skin infection or even serious skin conditions. 

3. Soothing 

The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties present in Stella Alpina make it a great remedy for dealing with skin irritation and redness. 

4. Protection 

Perhaps the most incredible property of Stella Alpina is the ability to protect itself from harmful UV radiation at high altitudes. Stella Alpina extract can do the same for your skin. 

5. Firming 

Stella Alpina can avert collagen degradation and help maintain the firmness and elasticity of your skin. It can also help a great deal in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Moisturizing

Stella Alpina can moisturize even the deepest layers of your skin, helping to eliminate dryness and dullness. It works to make your skin look glowing and more radiant while also promoting moisture production.  

Stella Alpina is one of the key actives in the Altitude Renewal Treatment. Suitable for any skin type but ideal for dry skin exposed to the elements, our rich, mineral-infused treatment for the whole body performs powerfully to renew and revive skin while you sleep. Alpine Rose thrives at altitude and naturally regenerates skin, while Stella Alpina’s rich antioxidants fight signs of ageing by maintaining skin’s elasticity and natural hydration. Mineral Complex, Mullein and Chestnut oil also combine to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and limit moisture evaporation. Reviving and refining, wake to glowing skin that’s wonderfully nourished, and supple, soft and smooth.

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