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Your favorite Olive Oil Satin Spray is now available in a bigger size, while still delivering the same benefits you know and love. Delivered to you in new conscious packaging, recycled and recyclable.

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La Vita Pura. Delivering confidence in the skin for every body (regardless of age, gender, body type) without the need for chemicals. Plus, we can help to minimise the impact of a skincare routine on the environment.
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Golden oils from Italian hillside groves for a beautiful radiant glow. Bottled in it’s purest form cold-pressed and organic, this multi-tasking nourishing satin oil is for strong, plump, silky-smooth skin, so radiant it glows.
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Reinvigorating Citrus Scrub

Revitalize your skin’s natural radiance. Infused with organic Italian oils, uplifting citrus extracts and exfoliating sea salt crystals, our rich body scrub polishes and protects, for a deeply nourished glow.

12.35 Oz. / 350 mL 



Using the best, unique natural Italian ingredients to bring the professional spa experience to your home. Bodycare to match the seasons, ensuring your skin is radiant, revitalized and resilient throughout the year.


Anti-aging actives from the verdant hills of Tuscany

Golden oils, grapes and healing herbs are formulated in rich bodycare products for skin rejuvenation. Using unique extraction technology for anti-aging and brightening benefits.

Earthy, fresh, green and clean scents – soft as a summer’s Tuscan breeze.

Season: Year round

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Protective actives from the awe inspiring Dolomites

A line rich in vitality and resilience. Formulated to help skin regenerate and perform against the elements.

With scents that blend beautifully the majesty of mountains and the peace and purity of pine-filled forests or alpine meadows.

Season: Winter

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Revitalizing actives from the sweeping Amalfi Coast

La Dolce Vita. Revitalizing your skin while boosting radiance and re-energizing your mind.

With zesty citrus aromas that brim with all the magic of the Amalfi.

Season: Summer

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