Pursuit of Purity:

An Italian Family Story

The foothills of the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy have been our family’s home for generations. The landscape here is rich, verdant, idyllic. An abundant natural playground. And with the mountains a distant backdrop, it’s a place to inspire awe.

For centuries, powerful ‘officianalis' healing herbs have flourished here, vitalised by the sun and mineral-rich hillside gardens. The water, too, is spring-pure and arrives following years of natural filtration from the great mountains that watch over us.

And it was here, some thirty-five years ago, in the very villa we still call home today, that a pioneering hub of plant-powered science and creativity emerged.

A simple seed was sewn. And such beauty blossomed.

Today, we remain an independent, family-run business, with second-generation members helping shape our future. We continue to set new standards in skincare ideation and creation and are committed only to cultivating the best of Italy's natural healing nature.

Our villa continues to evolve as a world-class centre of natural skincare excellence and our entire process is impeccably observed within its grounds. It means we stay close to our artisan roots and our source of inspiration. It also brings the highest standards of quality and traceability.

And still, to this day, it is our passion and creative curiosity, our faith in the power of nature and our will to challenge convention, that keep us moving forward.

In pursuit of purity.

Just like all those years ago.

"Thirst for knowledge and skills surrounding these healing herbs flourished – and it flowed down generations. Our family was no exception"