Our Beliefs

A family business with a beautiful vision

Our passions drive us, our pursuit of purity defines us. As a family and business, we are bound by our beliefs. We commit to them as part of our journey.


Commitment to natural beauty

Beauty shines from inside

We believe a positive skincare regime should form just one part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. It's a philosophy central to us all at Villa Floriani, and our intention is to craft products that help protect, heal and harmonise – just like a healthy lifestyle.

Each day we take time for inner calm. We aim to live present, grounded and non-reactive. Our diet is like life: colourful, balanced, delicious. We breathe, we stretch, we stay hydrated. Nature helps us reconnect, and we listen and learn with relish.

Because we know that only when you flourish on the inside, can you glow with radiance on the outside.

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Commitment to Italy

We need look no further than to the beauty that abounds in the land that fills our hearts 

Sourcing premium natural ingredients from Italy alone might appear a simple option. Yet, we know that everything we need to design and handcraft the most effective and holistically beneficial natural skincare collection is right here on our doorstep. Knowledge of Italy’s rich healing properties has been passed down generations, and we have also done our research. Here, we are uniquely blessed.

And so to our homeland we remain forever devoted.

Sourcing locally also helps us maintain exceptional partnership standards and a minimum of environmental impact.

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Commitment to Curiosity

Italy’s secrets are not yet fully known

We feel great pride in our pioneering approach to natural skincare. From the pinnacle ingredients we source to the groundbreaking research we produce. But never for one moment do we think that it is enough. We are restless in pursuit of perfection. Whether investing in new technologies or exploring new ingredient performance, we are committed always to challenging and bettering ourselves, just as we are committed to never outsourcing expertise. We seek only our own insights and solutions. We always have, we always will.

That way we continue to push boundaries, and so remain at the vanguard of natural skincare ideation and potential. 

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Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is not an ideology: it is our responsibility

We are uncompromising in our commitment to sustainability. As a modern, creative business, we take great care to make sure that the impact we have is both as light and as positive as possible. That extends every part of our business. From working with the most ecologically-progressive biodynamic farmers, to our villa’s renewable energies, to our new refillable packaging – every step and every decision we take has the environment at heart.

Yet, we recognise too that sustainability encompasses a healthy, holistic approach to business. We are dedicated to crafting the most effective natural skincare products, and that is only possible with a positive team, healthy financial foundations, and sound supplier partnerships.

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