In natural Harmony

As a pioneering creative business, we relish our responsibility to the environment. We believe in the power of positive influence, and through our sustainability principles we shine a light on a better way. Our commitment is uncompromising and our work is never through. Every day we are indebted to nature’s generosity and to human curiosity – it is our duty to deliver deepest integrity to both.

sustainable production

a modern methodology

Our villa's state-of-the-art facilities in northern Italy help us achieve the lightest possible carbon footprint. Every stage of our production is meticulous observed within its grounds, guaranteeing quality, without compromise.

We are powered purely by renewable energies, and waste is kept to a minimum; samples are no longer in our repertoire. The incredible, natural ingredients we use are grown organically and locally in Italy, and the mineral-rich water we source from springs beside our villa arrives after a natural ten-year purification process. 

Our modern methodology is unique and carefully-crafted; it safeguards the highest, lowest-impact standards.

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Those with whom we partner are every part as important as the produce they supply

Italy’s rich heritage for world-class produce is undoubted. But today, the nation’s biodynamic farmers blaze a new trail across our deeply fertile land. Their work is by nature not only organic, but more sensitive, more deeply attuned to the environment's ecology and natural rhythms.

Our passion for Italy has taken us to every coast, peak and corner. Along the way we have discovered the finest natural active ingredients and met the most progressive farmers.

Now, together, we work closely to observe and harness the best of their natural harvests. We work equally, in partnership. They know that they can rely on us, just as we know that we can rely on them.

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"Sustainability extends every part of our business. Each step and every new idea has people's and the planet's wellbeing at heart."

Refillable packaging

A fresh, pioneering approach

The artisan nature of our work means we craft exceptional products, but only in small volumes – from small-batch production through to final packaged products.

So, we recognised an opportunity. Both to improve our overall packaging production footprint and make your experience more environmentally friendly. We are proud to have achieved our goals. Our intelligent new refillable packaging also keeps products fresher for longer, and they cost a little less, too.

The benefits are beautiful.

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One Tree Planted

Bringing balance to natural beauty

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have built a long-term partnership with renowned non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted. Based in Vermont in the United States, their vital work helps support global reforestation.

Now, every time an order is placed on our website, we proudly donate funds to plant a single tree. It means that with your support we are doing a little extra, to give back to nature and counteract climate change.

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