Active Renewal

An essential yet often overlooked process for achieving healthy, well-moisturized skin. Villa Floriani offers a complete array of physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliants that can be used for both retail and professional use.
Physical - Micro quartz crystals gently dislodge dead cells without irritating your skin, while Vitamin E rich Sunflower seed oil softens and nourishes. Even suitable for sensitive skin.
Chemical - Consists of natural actives such as fruit enzymes, glycolic and citric acid with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that act in synergy to loosen the glue-like substance holding cells together to allow them to be eased away, promoting renewal.
Enzymatic - Ideal for hyper-sensitive skin, proteolytic
enzymes obtained from Pumpkin, eliminate dead
cells and gradually exfoliates keratinized cells.
Result: Skin is prepared and ready to receive intensive serums and creams for improved and noticeable results.