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Whether it's through the products we create or the decisions we make, we see it as our obligation always to seek improvement. Leaving a lighter footprint on our planet is central to our cause, and our new refillable packaging has proudly raised the bar.

Our intelligent new system brings long and purposeful life to our luxury glass and aluminium packaging, reducing waste and use of natural resource and cutting emissions by nearly 70%. The easy-to-recycle refills and card outers also use far less energy and resource, and overall our environmental impact has been cut in half. Better still, products stay fresher for longer and the cost is a little lighter.

Better for the planet, better for you.

luxury for life


Refilling uses over 90% less energy than a single-use glass system

Our luxury, fully-recyclable glass and PET jars are made from recycled material and are designed to last a lifetime, without any impact on product quality or purity.

Better-value, lightweight, single-walled refill pods and cartridges slide neatly in. The pods are made from 100% repurposed post-consumer plastics and are easily and readily recyclable. Each refill saves 70% on carbon emissions and uses 65% less energy and water.

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Aluminium bottles and refills

Recycled aluminium requires less than 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium

Made using both 100% post-industrial and 100% post-consumer aluminium, our refillable bottles-for-life are built and beautifully finished to the highest and safest standards.

Our easy-pour refill pouches are soft, lightweight, fully-recyclable and made using 100% recycled plastic. They are also better value. Each refill saves 70% on carbon emissions and uses 65% less energy and water.

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boxes of brilliance

Our shipping boxes and refill outers are FSC-certified, made from organic product, and meet the highest environmental and social standards

The card we use for our boxes is made using process residues from organic products (fruits and nuts), to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp.

FSC-certified and GMO-free, the card contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced using 100% green energy. The carbon footprint is reduced by 20% and any unavoidable emissions are offset through Carbon Credits, used to finance activities that absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Quite simply, brilliant little boxes.

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"We are driven by innovation and Sustainability. Through them we seek improvement at every turn."

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