Why is Seasonal Skincare Important for your Body?

Taking care of our skin is a year-round commitment, and one aspect that often goes overlooked is the importance of seasonal skincare. Just as our wardrobe changes with the seasons, so should our skincare routine. Adapting to the unique challenges each season brings can help us maintain healthy, radiant skin throughout the year. In this blog post, we will explore why seasonal skincare is crucial for the body and how it can benefit us in the long run.

1. Weather and Environmental Factors: The weather and environmental conditions have a significant impact on our skin. During the colder months, low humidity levels can lead to dryness and dehydration. It is important to use moisturizers and hydrating products to replenish lost moisture and protect the skin's barrier. We have specifically formulated our MONTAGNA collection with hardy actives that flourish at altitude. They are rich in vitality, rich in resilience and will help skin regenerate and perform against the elements.

On the other hand, increased heat and humidity in the summer can cause excess oil production and potential sun damage.  Our COSTA collection is uniquely formulated with actives that will boost radiance, help regenerate collagen and fight against UV-Induced photodamage. 

By adjusting our skincare routine to address these specific challenges, we can keep our skin balanced and protected

2. Hydration and Moisture:
Proper hydration is essential for maintaining healthy skin. During the winter, cold winds and indoor heating can strip our skin of moisture, leading to dryness and flakiness. By incorporating richer moisturizers and hydrating serums into our routine, we can replenish lost moisture and strengthen the skin's barrier. In the summer, lightweight and oil-free products can help prevent clogged pores and breakouts while providing adequate hydration.

3. Targeting Seasonal Skin Concerns:
Different seasons can bring about specific skin concerns. For example, allergies and sensitivities may worsen during spring, leading to redness and irritation. By incorporating soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as in our COLLINA collection, into our skincare routine, we can alleviate these symptoms. Similarly, in the fall, when the air becomes drier, using products with humectants and occlusives can help retain moisture and prevent dryness.

5. Maximizing Skincare Product Effectiveness:
Adapting our skincare routine to the seasons allows us to optimize the effectiveness of our products. Just as our skin's needs change, so do the efficacy of certain ingredients. By using products that are specifically formulated for the current season, we can ensure that our skin receives the necessary nutrients and protection it requires.


Seasonal skincare is not just a trend; it is a vital aspect of maintaining healthy and radiant skin throughout the year. By considering the weather, environmental factors, and specific skin concerns associated with each season, we can adapt our skincare routine to address these challenges effectively. Whether it's protecting against sun damage, combating dryness, or soothing irritated skin, seasonal skincare allows us to optimize the health and appearance of our bodies. Embrace the changing seasons and give your skin the care it deserves.

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