Magnifico Magnolia

Spring in Italy; extravagant magnolias found on every street corner with beautiful pink and white blooms bringing us out of the darkness of winter.

Magnolia is not only beautiful and rich in a delicate scent but also renowned for it's anti-oxidant properties. Magnolia oil when used on the skin helps to reduce redness, puffiness and leaves the appearance of skin more even and luminous.

The story

Our Magnolias are harvested here, in Italy, of course. We ensure optimum harvest time for maximum performance.

Secret fact; in order to achieve the full potency of Magnolia Essential Oil, the delicate flowers must be harvested in the dead of night when the aroma is at its peak and distilled immediately.

By combining some of the best Magnolia harvests in northern Italy with our own in-house secret recipe we deliver our signature infusions for healthy, beautiful skin with a natural glow.

"Magnolia Essential Oil is a nourishing tonic for the skin. It can help plump the appearance of skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles"

- Martina (Head of R&D, Villa Floriani)

Our values

Our formulas are made only with goodness. We are dedicated to maintaining an eco-friendly production and manufacturing process and we believe in complete transparency.

- Our formulas are plant-derived, composed using natural, bio certified, active ingredients.

- We source most of our ingredients in the rich environment of the Veneto region surrounding us, reducing our carbon footprint by using regional suppliers close to home.

- All our outer cartons are recyclable and produced nearby to support local employment.

- We absolutely do not and will never test on animals.

- Our formulas will NEVER contain:
Parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, DEAs, propylene and phthalates.

- We support global reforestation by partnering with One Tree Planted