Tuscany Environment Foundation (TEF) and Sicily Environment Fund (SEF)

Tuscany Environment Foundation (TEF) and Sicily Environment Fund (SEF) work to protect and restore the biodiversity and ecosystems of Sicily and Tuscany in Italy, by raising funds from people and businesses to support the most effective local grassroots organisations, environmental initiatives working to sustain the diverse natural assets of the regions. They support projects which bring both economic and social renewal to local communities, and which can be scaled up and replicated across the territory and across the Mediterranean, also by building a strong network of people, united in boosting the work of local environmental champions.

Tuscany Environment Foundation (TEF)

Tuscany is one of the most biodiverse and environmentally abundant regions of Europe. With an area of 23,000km2 (the same size as Belize), it contains a multitude of ecological hotspots in diverse habitats, from coastal wetlands, hot springs and uninterrupted rivers, through precious island refuges, to the ancient forests of the Apennines. However, many of its natural wonders are threatened by a changing climate, unsustainable agricultural and forest management practices, illegal fishing, plastic pollution and poor air quality in the main cities, further impacted by mass tourism particularly around the
coast in the summer.

There are already many excellent grassroots initiatives in Tuscany, often lacking critical funds to achieve their long-term goals. There is huge potential to boost these initiatives and enable them to make a far greater impact. The Tuscany Environment Foundation has already been supporting some of them during the last few years: protecting sea turtles with TartAmare in Marina di Grossetoassessing the health of pollinators across the region and teaching more than 1000 school children how to create pollinators-friendly habitats with the project X-Polli:Nationmonitoring the
biodiversity of mammals in protected areas across the region
; and recovering waste and abandoned fishing nets from the waters around the island of Giglio with Marevivo.

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Sicily Environment Fund (SEF)

Sicily is one of the most significant biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean basin. It offers a great variety of habitats - including marine, coastal, inland, and high-mountainous. It is the most extended region in Italy and largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, including 14 small inhabited islands and three active volcanoes. Many threats and environmental problems exist, including pollution, unsustainable agricultural and fishing practices, and habitat degradation.

SEF is now contributing to the implementation of three projects: Ghost nets recovery in Ustica Island Marine Protected Area with Mare Nostrum Diving and the MPA; Setting up a caper plant nursery in Stromboli, Aeolian islands with Attiva
Stromboli; Training local nature guides on Rewilding to improve nature-based activities in ecotourism with national and
international experts around Astrid Natura.

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Members of the Conservation Collective

TEF and SEF are member of the Conservation Collective, a global network of local foundations funding effective grassroots conservation initiatives to preserve, protect, and regenerate biodiverse ecosystems on land and below water, and to slow down and safeguard against climate change.

Sicily Environmental Fund

Tuscany Environmental Foundation

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