Day Cream Vs Night Cream. The Gloves Are Off.

Moisturizing is arguably the most important step in your daily beauty routine keeping your skin supple, elastic and younger-looking. Although most people know the importance of moisturizing your skin not everyone understands the difference between day and night cream. Day creams allow your pores to breathe due to their lighter weight consistency allowing them to sink in with ease and aiding a seamless application of the product to your face.

It is important to find the right formula for your skin type, ensuring it is packed with vital ingredients that will really make a difference over time. We deliver formulas with pure, naturally compatible concentrates to give your skin the specialized attention it needs to look and feel it's natural best.

Our HydraActive line is a hydration boosting line formulated for dry or mature skin. Thirsty skin is delicate, frail and dehydrated so it needs special attention. Our regimen, with extracts of Aloe Vera, offers instant and prolonged moisturization to your skin, providing everything it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.


The PureActive line is for normal-to-oily and combination skin and protects against environmental aggressors such as pollution and smog. With extracts of mint, this line will restore and normalize your skin's natural balance whilst respecting its sensitivity and delicacy.

Perhaps our most versatile line is the CalmActive which is formulated specifically for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is delicate and easily subject to dehydration; it tends to become red and chapped and needs constant nourishment and protection. The blend of chamomile, linden and althaea extracts help reduce redness, calm and ease irritation on the skin.

Day creams have the added benefit of SPF protection, giving your skin protection from UVA/B rays. It may not seem like it but even in the winter months, you need to be providing your skin with some level of sun protection to stop it from getting damaged. The rule is if there is daylight you should have SPF on your skin, all of our moisturizers contain SPF20 within their formula to provide you with protection from the elements.

In contrast to day creams, night creams are much thicker and richer in consistency. Due to their slow-absorbing nature, they can gradually penetrate the skin throughout the night and as they tend to include a larger concentration of high-performance ingredients they moisturize, repair and rebalance the skin whilst you sleep!

Villa Floriani's Age-Defying Night Cream does exactly this, replacing lost moisture and counteracting imperfections and visible signs of aging. A fabulous blend of botanical butters and oils and free from alcohol it is easily applied and absorbed, promoting your skin’s elasticity and tone and giving your complexion an even, radiant glow.

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So interesting, never knew these differences and have always used the same cream for both day and night. Time to make a change!

Kirsty February 15, 2023

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