Winter Skin SOS

Skincare that worked just fine in summer will not cut it in the colder temperatures. With the cold air, wind and constant exposure to indoor heaters the moisture is quite literally sucked from your skin and it becomes stripped of essential oils for healthy skin function. These elements can also spark skin sensitivity resulting in redness, irritation and dry patches. Bundle up with our CALMACTIVE line, 
specifically formulated to reduce redness and irritation it works to soothe, replenish and hydrate all winter long! 
Time to shake things up! You might only need a few simple swaps and additions to your routine. 
During the colder winter months it is best to use a cleansing cream rather than a gel or oil. A cream works to wash the skin while still keeping it hydrated and not disrupting the skin barrier. Our chamomile cleanser 
is a winter skin saviour as even the most delicate skin is left soothed, refreshed and visibly healthier looking. 
There is no secret that exfoliation, when done correctly, benefits your skin greatly. It can help to remove dead skin cells, accumulated from dry winter air. It will leave the skin looking visibly healthier and also allow moisturizer to absorb better. Start gently, once a week and build up to twice weekly if your skin requires it. 
This delicate, yet effective, exfoliating skin polish blends Micro-Quartz Crystals with rich, bio-certified active botanicals to sweep away dull, sluggish skin without irritation, revealing a beautiful skin-glow.
Just as you need to layer your clothing to keep your body warm you also need to layer your skin to retain moisture. Try adding a hydrating boosting serum to your routine before your usual moisturizer (day and night) for an added boost. 
Finally, don't forget your SPF. Just because it's cold doesn't mean you don't need to protect your skin from UV rays. In fact, you should wear SPF 365 days a year, UV rays can cause wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation. Products with added SPF, when applied regularly, have been proven to help prevent these visible signs of ageing. All of our day creams contain SPF20. 

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