‘Liquid Gold’ – Italian Olive Oil in Beauty Products

It’s no secret that oil from the olive fruit is one of the healthiest on earth, boasting a long list of wellbeing benefits. But long before it earned this prestige, ‘liquid gold’ (as christened by epic poet Homer) has been adored for its phenomenal skin healing properties. And today still, the world’s oldest beauty elixir is cherished for its rich vitamin and antioxidant content, anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to deeply hydrate and transform skin.

The purest Italian olive oil

Worldwide, Italian olive oil is more often than not renowned for being the richest and purest: home to many of the oldest and the greatest variety of olive tree species, Italy is the natural habitat of this wonder fruit. Here at

Villa Floriani, our olives are harvested in the fertile rolling Italian hills in our surroundings, grown in the perfect micro-climate of the Italian Dolomites in the North East of Italy … It’s no wonder our hero olive oil ranged is loved and loyally used by so many.

To celebrate the harvest and discover the amazing properties of ‘liquid gold’ for yourself with special offers across Villa Floriani’s Olive Oil collection.

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