Do You Know Your Skin Type?

For most women, the answer is yes.

A smaller number know the importance of tailoring their regimen to properly care for it.

Even fewer know that environmental and lifestyle changes present skin challenges outside of it.

Sometimes these temporary changes, or ‘stressors’, simply intensify your regular skin concerns. For example, your regimen usually does a great job of caring for your dry skin type, but after a day at the beach, it needs a little extra help.

Other times, stressors bring skin concerns that seem to be the exact opposite of your regular skin type. For example, you’ve curated a regimen for your oily skin but after a long flight in a climate-controlled cabin, your skin is suddenly dry as a bone. Or your skincare focus is usually on maintaining supple, youthful skin, but the harshest weeks of winter have left your face sensitive and patchy.

These temporary skin concerns are a conundrum. It wouldn’t be practical, economical or environmentally responsible to buy a whole range of products for a new, temporary regimen every time we encounter a new stressor. So how do we protect and nourish our skin, no matter what life throws its way?

Our experts at Villa Floriani have engineered a solution. The culmination of decades of harnessing the natural power of plants in treatment-grade products is here: Villa Floriani Intensive Serums.

These little bottles of potent plant concentrate tailor your regular regimen in 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select the Intensive Serum to suit your stressor
  2. Swirl a few drops into your regular moisturizer* and apply as usual
  3. Use before, during or after exposure to the stressor for as long as your skin needs Intensive care

*or eye cream for i-Recovery Multi-Active Eye Serum.

Whatever your scenario, there’s a serum to intensify your skincare:


Intensive Serum


  1. A city-break
  2. A day using public transport
PureActive Mint Purifying Serum
Ultra-clear skin
  1. A skiing holiday or harsh Chicago winter
  2. Stressed skin after an upper lip wax
  3. Flare-ups of sensitive skin 
CalmActive's Chamomile Calming Serum
Even, healthy-looking skin
  1.  Flying to a conference or holiday
  2.  A day at the beach 
HydraActive'sAloe Intensive Hydrating Serum
Full, silky-soft skin
  1. Tiring week exacerbating the signs of aging
  2.  Jet-lagged, dull and tired skin
Active Recovery's Synergy-6 Age Defying Serum
Noticeably smooth and youthful skin
  1. A long week at the office (‘computer eyes’)
  2. Eyes irritated by makeup
  3. Tired eyes after a late night
i-Recovery's  Multi-Active Eye Serum
Luminous, vital eyes

You can expect noticeable relief from the signs of skin stress from our naturally effective formulas. Your skincare: intensified.

Not sure which is the right Intensive Serum to suit your stressor? Go ahead and ask us, our experts are here to help.


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