#1 Anti-Aging tip: protect skin from UV’s year round

Summer is fading away but that’s no reason to put the sun cream back in the bathroom cabinet. Although the sun may not shine as brightly in autumn/winter and UVB rays may no longer burn the skin, its UVA rays are present all year round and prolonged exposure to these without regular protection can be harmful to your face and skin. Drivers, for example, should be aware that UVA rays can penetrate glass, while around 80% of UVA rays can penetrate even the cloudiest skies, so it makes sense to apply protection to prevent pink, dehydrated skin.

By applying Villa Floriani’s sun protection moisturizers each day throughout the year, you help stave off the risk of skin damage by exposure to harmful UVA rays while providing the skin with what it needs to look and feels its best.

If you have oily skin, try applying Villa Floriani Mint Purifying Day Lotion SPF20 (SPF20 offers a gentle level of sun protection).  This day lotion contains natural extracts of organic active ingredients such as peppermint leaf, burdock, and witch hazel which, when combined, have soothing and purifying properties.

For more sensitive skin use Villa Floriani Chamomile Calming Day Lotion SPF20, which is a natural blend of oils and extracts of jojoba, plantain, chamomile and natural sodium PCA. Together, these therapeutic ingredients sooth & restore while nourishing and revitalizing tired and damaged skin, leaving you ready to face the day at any time of year.

VF expert quote:

“UVA rays are present all year round and can penetrate glass and clouds. These rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer. Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling (photoaging), and suppression of the immune system.”

Want an anti-aging secret? Protect your skin from UV damage year round.

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