Winter skincare - Looking after your skin in the winter months

If you’ve got dry skin, plummeting temperatures can mean disaster for your complexion come winter. But thanks to these top tips for looking after your skin, it doesn’t have to be that way. Although dry and sensitive skin can suffer many of the same uncomfortable symptoms, they also have their unique properties – and problems. So while taking on board the tips for protecting sensitive skin in winter (like avoiding piping hot water) is useful, there are several other precautions you can take to ensure you keep parched skin in tip-top condition this winter.

The problem this season poses to dry skin is that the environmental conditions further deprive dehydrated skin of moisture. While you should embrace your rosy winter glow, dry patches and flakes is not a good look.

To make sure your skin is smooth, soothed and radiant, you need to give it an extra moisture boost that’ll last beyond breakfast time. An oil-based lotion is best for locking hydration in for longer, shielding against moisture-draining aggressors.

Get off to a good start each morning by using Villa Floriani Lenitive Moisturising Lotion A.M. It’s enriched with hydrating ingredients such as Jojoba, Olive and Sweet almond oils that penetrate into the skin to deliver and seal in expert hydration.

To keep sore and dull skin at bay, you need to make sure you keep it hydrated throughout the day. One way you can protect your complexion from the weather is investing in your winter warmers.

Cosy cotton hats and scarves further protect skin from drying out, as well as keeping you snug, of course. And there’s no harm in popping your lotion in your bag and topping up on the go. Once or twice throughout the day, where you feel your skin tightening, apply a drop onto target areas.

Come evening, be good to your skin by going sober with a gentle, alcohol free cleanser. The night time is when your skin does its repairing, so give it the best tools possible with the deliciously creamy Villa Floriani Linden Moisturizing Cream. As well as being created with essential oils to nourish skin, it also soothes any irritations or inflammations for a calmer, clearer and glowing complexion by dawn.


Winter is coming! Thanks for the incredible tips. x

Jane October 18, 2017

What a wonderful article, thoroughly enjoyed! Love your products too :)

Alessia Barbiero October 18, 2017

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