Collina I Rejuvenate

Il bel paese (the beautiful land) – for eight hundred years, writers, singers and artists have echoed Dante Alighieri’s praise for the lovely Italian countryside. More recently, the eulogy has broadened to include the remarkable biodiversità naturale (natural biodiversity) of this ancient land.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the rolling hillsides, where scented gardens of healing herbs cluster amid rose-dotted vineyards and shady olive groves. Here you find the dedicated and ecologically sensitive farmers and foragers who provide Villa Floriani with many of the finest ingredients for their luxury skincare products.

Villa Floriani’s creators employ the science of phytocosmetology to blend these age-old traditions with cutting-edge science, incorporating lenitive oils and compounds of roman chamomile into skincare products that soothe the skin and help restore its fresh, youthful appearance.

The celebrated Swedish botanist Karl Linnaeus also knew of plants with health-enhancing qualities. He called them officinalis, meaning from a monastery’s medicine store. We know them as healing herbs.

Two plants on Linnaeus’ list, rosemary and sage, are long-time favourites of Villa Floriani’s dermatological experts. Rosemary, a proven source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, is carefully introduced into our skincare formulas. So too is the essential oil created by the distillation of sage, freely gathered from Italy’s picturesque hillsides.

Users of Villa Floriani preparations feel these differences. As an Italian vacation is to the soul, so our natural preparations are to the skin. Restoring the glory of youth.


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