Olive & Vine Sap I COLLINA

Tradition and knowledge surrounding nature’s healing powers extends millennia in Italy – and for good reason: Italy has a diversity of natural active ingredients unrivalled anywhere in Europe.

We have no need to search the earth. Everything is on our doorstep.


Inspired by the serene, sun-soaked rolling hills of central Italy.

Crafted using the finest of the region’s rich flora and infused with premium organic essential oils, for a deeply rejuvenating and naturally uplifting sensorial experience.

Rosemary and Sage bring antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds and grow here in abundance. Basil, too, is bountiful. Its anti-bacterial qualities are blended with the soothing oils of Oregano and Thyme.

Olives need little introduction, yet the world’s finest organic oils are nurtured here to perfection. And while the region’s vineyards are famous the world over, it is the vine’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that we cultivate.



Collina is an experience like no other, rejuvenate your body and revitalize your mind. 


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Do you still have the Magnolia Body Oil?

Virginia M. Bland June 13, 2023

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