Face oil: The Key Skincare Step You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Cleanse, tone, moisturize: Skincare regimen 101. Or so we’ve all been led to believe.

Many of us supplement this basic routine with occasional exfoliation and a mask. But there are two powerful tools in the daily skincare kit too often overlooked altogether: serums and, the focus of our journal today, face oils.


So, what are face oils?

Not to be confused with sebum (the oily substance produced by skin), face oils are technically moisturizers, to be applied to the skin. They are botanically derived, either from a single plant or combined to maximise benefits.

Oils are lipophilic, meaning they absorb easily into the skin’s lipid membrane. Your lotion moisturizer contains some oils and water – skin needs both – but it cannot penetrate the skin or reinforce the lipid barrier in the same way as oil. Plant oils also contain a variety of nourishing compounds, so omitting face oil from your skincare regimen is missing out on double benefits.


Why you should be using them

Considering their virtues have been extolled by our ancestors all over the world for centuries, it’s a wonder oils have been largely forgotten in facial care until recently. Here are just some of the reasons they should be part of your daily regimen:

  • Rebalancing oily skin. Fatty acids in plant oils penetrate and reinforce the lipid layer in the skin. A more resilient skin barrier layer means reduced sebum production. That’s why, contrary to what you might think, the right oil actually reduces oiliness and breakouts!
  • Nourishing moisture. The naturally occurring antioxidants and omegas in plant oils prevent water-loss and free-radical damage. As well as plumping the skin and locking in moisture, this protection is key in reducing the effects of aging.
  • Gentle make-up removal. For holistic skin health, you should respect and restore rather than strip and scrub. Face oils emulsify the waxes in make-up that make it waterproof, naturally breaking it down so it can be gently washed away.
  • A natural glow. Good quality face oils are light and non-greasy, leaving the skin soft to the touch and dewy to behold. 


For best results…

There are some simple guidelines to remember to get the best results from your face oil:

  1. Apply before bed. Air tends to be drier at night, so this is the optimum time for protecting and repairing the skin.
  2. The last step. Either add a few drops to your moisturizing lotion or apply oil after moisturizing; not before. You want the fatty acids to lock the water and active ingredients from your moisturizer in, not block them out.
  3. Pat, pat, pat! Patting the oil gently all over your face, neck and décolleté will promote circulation and even absorption.


Not all oils are equal

As lipid products, pure botanical oils can quickly go rancid if not expertly blended. Oils that are heat-treated during processing may also have lost some of the fragile, natural nutrients. Synthetic and mineral oils can cause irritation and don’t have the benefit of the natural nutrients present in plant oils. The oil you’re looking for should be cold-pressed, botanical and have vitamin E to aid preservation.


Supreme Face Oil

Villa Floriani Supreme Face Oil delivers a precise balance of cold-pressed Argan, Jojoba and Olive oils for deep and refined moisturization. Fortified with vitamins A, C, D and E, this elixir fuses optimum lipid and vitamin levels for intensive restoration of the skin’s barrier. Regular use reveals a radiant, resilient and even glow.

If you’re ready to change the game and complete your skincare regimen with a face oil formulated for natural radiance, this is where to find it.


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