The Ancient Benefits of Mud

In the regions of Tuscany and Veneto, health literally bubbles out of the ground. Hot springs of mineral-rich water have smoothed tired skin for thousands of years.

Thermal baths in Italy are often centuries old. A good example is Saturnia in Tuscany, often found in the Etruscan culture, way before the Romans. But the baths gained fame mainly because the Romans were aware of their beneficial effects on their health.

The water of the thermal baths has been used since ancient times for the treatment of rare diseases in both humans and animals. Especially the Romans saw a stay at a spa as a good vacation and built all kinds of services around the baths, including theaters, stores and restaurants, and they became major vacation destinations. 

Today, our deeply nourishing body treatment takes these time-honored treasures and gives them a modern twist. Ideal for any skin type, our unique blend of natural thermal muds and clays, olive oil and grape skin ‒ carefully selected from the verdant valleys and rolling hills of Italy ‒ intensely purifies and revitalizes skin, leaving it visibly fresh and brightened. All the while, soothing, warming, aromatic organic herbs and hillside flowers help relax aching muscles and unwind tired minds.

Rejuvenate your body, revitalize your mind. 


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